Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scrapbook Studio - IKEA Shelves (1) - Counterspace and all those cubes!

Welcome to Part 4 of my scrapbook space tour.  We are now getting into the details.  I hope you are getting some ideas on organizing your space, and I would love to hear yours too!  I certainly don't think I am an expert as this is an evolving process.  As my tastes and style changes so does how I organize my space to make the most of my limited creative time.  After all, I don't want to spend my scrap time organizing stuff.

In 2008, I made 2 big changes.  I wanted my work space in the center of the room and I decided I wanted more counter space so I could keep my tools out and ready to use (like the Cricut, Cuttlebug, sewing machine, etc.  I couldn't afford  to do anything extravagant, so I started pondering my options.  

I couldn't justify replacing the furniture I had just bought 2 years ago, but fortunately that was versatile enough to move around.  I measured out my long wall and figured out I had about 15 feet along that wall.  So I moved the desks to the center of the room and added 3 IKEA Expedit 2x4 shelves.  The height was good for setting up tools on the top and storing lots of stuff both in the open and in baskets that IKEA sells that fit the cubes perfectly.

To the Left

Cubes -  I use that space to store a tote for taking to crops and a basket to hold my past banners I have hung in my family room.  I have yet to re-use any of them, I usually just make more, but I haven't been able to let 
go.  Next are my Cricut cubes, which I will share more of how I store those supplies in a later post. Next are some scrapbook Idea Books.

I use the 2 baskets in this section to store miscellaneous fabric and sewing tools and supplies, I am just learning to sew, so I have not "collected" a lot of things yet.

Counter - In this section is my "bargain basement Target" sewing machine that I mentioned previously and my thread holder, as well as some room decor and pretty smelling candles.


Cubes - Some mini albums, my Cricut Jukebox, projects in progress, label maker, Cuttlebug dies, and paper trimmer and chipboard, are stored in the cubes in the middle of the room.

Apparently I haven't met much chipboard that I did not like, so I have one for shapes and one for alphas (and this is the pared down version after my huge purge I did in January).

Countertop - I keep my Cuttlebug, Xyron (5"), Sizzix Texturizer, and Bind it All on the counter. It makes it easy to use any of them, the Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders are stored in a one of the pink boxes and my bind-it-all supplies are in the other. (seen pictured below).

The picture above was taken in January, I had given my TV to my son and finally bought another one this year and added a DVR, which I can now watch Glee, Tori and Dean, and all kinds of other silly shows that my husband could care less about.

In the corner I keep my Epson wide format printer (I have the R1800, but the R1900 is the current model).  I love the printer, it does print great photos) but I don't do enough that would really require a wide format printer.  So when I replace it I will just buy a good standard photo printer.  If I need a 12x12 page printed I'll pay the $3 to have Costco print it.

Also on the counter is my pencil sharpener and heat gun.

I use one cube here for my oldest sons craft stuff.  He comes to visit me in my room sometimes, so I keep crayons, and a ton of punched shapes and supplies in a basekt for him.

I also have my Scor Pal in here as well as business remnants (fax machine, Bazzill & American Crafts cardstock swatch books.

The baskets hold my Library of Memories Album supplies (later post), card supplies such as envelopes, and card specific embellishments, and I have 2 baskets of alterable items.  These are either specific things like frames, ornaments, decoration that I have purchased, or things I felt should be recycled for gift packaging or some other use.  

Tomorrow I will cover the other IKEA shelf and over the weekend we start to tackle "THE CLOSET".  Hope you are enjoying your tour!

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