Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scrapbook Studio - The Desk - Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 - The Desk and What is at My Fingertips (my most used tools).  Today I will be sharing the details of how my desk is organized.

After each major work session, I like to put my desk back in order to look like this.  If I don't I have trouble starting something new.  There are plenty of times it is in disarray when I am mid-project. But when I finish up everything goes back to it's place and I start on my next round of destruction.

This is the busiest part of the room.  The work table...the hub...where all things come in and wait for a home.  I have my older desk top computer on the left side of the desk, I keep my Cricut Expression turned to the side so I have room to paint, mist or let things dry.  When I need to use the Cricut, I can just turn it a bit so the mat can run through the back.

At my main work station I have a large self healing mat.  It was made by Making Memories and has 1" marks across, so it works great for lining up elements on a layout.  I keep a large space open to my side for the current scrapbook kit (the one on my desk here is from Studio Calico).  

I have recently set up my sewing machine at one end of my work table.   It is plugged in and threaded for a quick stitch on a layout.  This table also is the hub for all new items.  Things are usually placed here until I sort them to put away.  

I like to leave a new magazine or idea book out for a quick inspiration, when I am working.  I recently picked up Elizabeth Kartchner's book 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges with a coupon from CK Club Scrap. It is a fun book to flip through for inspiration.

I found that I was always needing liquid adhesive. So I keep my 3 favorites in this desk holder from an office supply store.  I am constantly using Fabritac for fabric and some ribbons on my layouts.  I like Tacky Glue for all kinds of all purpose things, and Beacon's 3 in 1 Craft Glue is like scrapbooking super glue.  If you want it attached to your chipboard and don't want to mess with something like Modge Podge, this glue is for you.  I keep pins in the top so they don't clog and they are always within reach.

I also started using that little bucket (from the Target dollar spot) to throw all kinds of left over bits and baubles.  There are random snips of ribbon, buttons, brads, bling, pins, clips in there.  Whenever a package only has one or two things left I toss it in.  Then when I am working on a page that just needs one little bit of something I can usually find it here.

This is the Tool Center.  All of my frequently used tools are here.  The caddy on the right is from Pottery Barn.  Making Memories also makes a similar styled version.  It holds my black and brown journaling pens, pencils, regular pens, colored pencils, gel pens, glue pens,  baby wipes, paper trimmer, an extra self healing mat, brayer and more.  It has 3 picture holders in front, too, perfect for a craft room.

The Making Memories desktop carousel holds so many goodies - scissors, adhesive guns, rulers, tweezers, sandpaper, edge distressers, stapler, glue and pop dots, Crop A Dile, Corner Chomper, craft knifes, bone folders, rub on tools, paper piecer's, name it.  If it is small it probably can be found in here.  The drawers also hold, small little tools as well.  Michaels still carries these, and I have seen them on a few of the scrap deal web sites from time to time.

In this pencil box (Walgreen's for a $1 or $2) I keep all of my Cat's Eye chalk inks. I love these for distressing edges in different colors and this fits a lot of these little ink pads.  It works great for going to a crop too, because I can throw this in my tote bag, and my stamping and inking options are plentiful.

On one side of  each desk of I have 2 small drawers about 3-4 inches high and 5 large file size drawers.

On the main side where I work I have my lesser used adhesives in the top drawer.

I found this divider at Michaels and used it to fit all kinds of random supplies and additional types of adhesive, staplesm tape, glue sticks, extra trimmer cartridges, etc.

The other side of the desk with these drawers has office supplies in it.

The larger drawers are used for some of my kit storage.  I still would like to re-do the kit storage.  Which I will get into in a later post.

2 other drawers have file folders in them to sort alphabet stickers (that are not Thickers) and rub-on's and stickers and look similar to this.

I also have a drawer for regular files, that includes things like handouts from classes I have taken. Another for computer software and DVD's burned with pictures and videos.  A drawer that holds printer and photo paper and ink cartridges for my printer. Another that holds all sorts of cords and adapters for the cameras, printers, computers, scanners, IPod's etc.  

I also have an empty drawer, that I am in the process of deciding a use for too.  It used to house my Thicker collection, but I have recently changed the way those are stored.

Tomorrow I will start on the shelve storage. 


  1. wow! beautiful and so organized- the complete and i mean complete opposite of mine scrappy space. will come help me? ;)

  2. Hi Michelle, Just dropping in from Camp Scrap. Thanks for the tour, your space looks so crisp and clean and organized. I especially like how accessible your open shelving is. Nice space!